Our Purpose

SUMMARY – Forthose who have attended a particular conference, this is an ancillary element to reach out on the topics that may have been discussed discussed particularly taking action on EMF, 5G and Covid


It is difficult if not impossible to process the lecture on the same day. Maybe you can retain 10% max.

A one hour lecture – raw data – is quite capable of producing eight hours of discussion during which the mind/brain can absorb and integrate new material.

Our communication facilities will enable you to continue to draw on the knowledge and experience of others AFTER THE EVENT as well as making your own further contribution.

Brian Snellgrove, the webmaster, also maintains the Internet’s largest site for researchers and students on Covid, with over 16,000 entries and five times as many links.  He also maintains 5GExposed, a site of the same size. He has run many ZOOM meetings in connection with covid and 5G.

You will thrive on this site if you have found yourself Red pilled

You can use the site to

  1.  talk with others on weekly ZOOM calls

  2.  ask questions or clarifications about what you heard at your conference

  3.  discuss related matters by creating your own topic.

  4. Receiving personal advice and support

There are no charges. If you feel you want to throw something in the bucket that will be used to defray the expenses.